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Hello there!

My name is Natasha and I am a Slovene, in love with nature of our beautiful country, sLOVEnia!

I have always been a people person. I love hanging out and having constructive debates, which sometimes end up in placing me in unknown positions. Like me being a new hiking leader for Simply Hiking Slovenia! How awesome is that! I enjoy experiencing new situations and I believe that is what makes me richer in life.

I am keen and open-minded. Simply in love with people and nature. I love traveling, good food, reading and watching movies, I LOVE swimming in rivers and lakes, but mostly I truly love expanding my mind and heart in form of meeting new people and exploring new places.

For last few years, I have been involved in actions for protection of river Mura. Our last big free-flowing river in Slovenia is under a threat of being dammed for hydropower exploitation. Since it has the biggest flood forest in the Europe and is Natura 2000 site, in 2018 recognised and designated under UNESCO’s natural reserve, I believe it is worth fighting for.

I am an ornithologist and for last 10 years I have been lecturing in schools and kindergartens, carrying out plenty of workshops and field trips and overall been incorporated in bird watching and monitoring of different species around the country.

Just for fun, some friends and I made our first movie in 2004. The next ones followed and as a contribution to the legend of first moviemaker in Slovenia, Dr. Karol Grossmann, the Fantastic film and wine festival was implemented in Ljutomer in 2005, 100 years after his first movie, made – where else but – in Ljutomer.

I cannot wait to meet new, interesting people from all over the globe to spend one week together on this beautiful hiking trail! Not only the nature, but also human’s influence will make the tour THE TOUR OF OUR LIVES. So, are you hopping on? 😊

Wine & Water Hiking Tour

Bohinjsko Hiking Route

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