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Bohinjsko Hiking Route


Enjoy and experience the hidden marvels of emerald green lakes, rivers and waterfalls in the shades of Slovenian mountains. 
Departure: any day from March to October

Duration: 1 week plus

Enjoy and experience the hidden marvels of emerald green lakes, rivers and waterfalls in the shades of Slovenian mountains.

Day 1 - Arrival to lake Bohinj.

Sleep over at Vila Park B&B (4 stars), with a view of the lake and option of sauna.

Day 2 - Lake Bohinj – Slap Savica – Bohinj

Our journey begins with the fresh breeze of mountain air at Lake Bohinj. As we stare at the mighty mountains that reflect from the lake surface we head to the Savica waterfall (Slap Savica), which is believed to be the most beautiful waterfall in Slovenia. It lies at the upper end of Lake Bohinj valley, squeezed between high gorges and rocky walls at an altitude of 900 meters above Lake Bohinj. With its height of 78 meters, it creates a powerful image of the wild alpine waters in the Triglav National Park (TNP). The waterfall strands from the mighty steep wall and drops into emerald green river pool, which dazzles everyone who goes on this adventure into the marvelous unspoiled nature. After gazing at the pristine beauty we'll have to rest our eyes and call it a day at the Hotel Jezero (4 stars), where we can calm our bodies in wellness.

Day 3 - Bohinj – Mostnica – Stara Fužina

We start our next day with the fresh cup of coffee and magnicifent breakfast. We will need the energy, beacuse we have a lot of sightseeing to do. Our path takes us through history from the Iron Age to modern marvels. As we step outside, we immediately find ourselves on the famous Bohinj’s bridge, taking us to 700 years old Church of St. John the Baptist, gorgeous example of the Middle Age architecture and fresco painting. Followed by Zois Manor, with a park from 18th century. We will have lunch here, at the medieval style restaurant. Path then takes us over The Devil’s Bridge to the beautiful Mostnica gorge. The gorge expands over the lenght of 2 kilometers and shows the creative and alluring forces of nature. Mostnica is an Alpine river with gorges and waterfalls, which show the magnificent nature in all its glory. We will get to explore a wonderful world and enjoy in a walk through the scenting forest accompanied by the singing of birds and the murmur of this Alpine river. After another wonderful day we will relax under the shade of the ancient forest. Sleeping in Majer’ca Hotel (4 stars) in Stara Fužina.

Day 4 - Stara Fužina – Studor v Bohinju – Bohinjska Češnjica – Jereka – Koprivnik v Bohinju – Tourist farm Ročnjek (cca. 14km)

Day 4 we will have a glimpse in the life of locals. We will experience local crafts, such as cheese making, beer brewing and some of the crafts that survived from the ancient times (scythe sharpening, horse breeding, baking bread etc.). It is obvious that we will enjoy all this delicacies throughout the day. The beautiful nature will surround us at each step we take, making it the unique experience. First stop will be at Ranch Mrcina and perhaps someone would join the drive with a horse-drag carriage or a horse cart ride to feel pristine farm spirit. Or just enjoy company of 10 island horses. Next, we will taste some of famous cheese at Bohinj cheese farm, where dairies are made after a several hundred year’s tradition. But leave some room for very popular specialty – the “drunken” Bohinj trout or trout in corn flour. No doubt we will be pretty thirsty after lunch, so we will head to Litvern brewery to satisfy the pellets even more. If motivated for an extra kilometer of hike, we can take astonishing photos from easy reachable, 1017 meters high hill, called Vodnik viewpoint. The Bohinj valley and its surrounding mountains will open in front of us, leaving us speechless. With our minds blown, we will take a great nights rest at the traditional wooden furnished homestead Ročnjek.

Day 5 - Tourist farm Ročnjek – Bohinjska Bela

Today will be all about finding our inner selves and to ease our minds. Our adventure will continue towards Bohinjska Bela. We will hike through extraordinary forest with majestic trees and breathtaking views of Sava Bohinjka River. We will stop at the prehistoric cave “Jama pod Babjim zobom” (Cave under Babji zob), which is one of the oldest caves in Slovenia, originating from the last ice age. Here we will grab some snacks from the backpack and head towards Bohinjska Bela, where we will be amazed by the Iglica waterfall. Fantastic food and local beverages will contribute to perfect ending of the day.

Day 6 - Bohinjska Bela – Bled

Waking up in perfect harmony under the watchful eyes of the mesmerizing mountains and advancing out tour towards the city of Bled. After lunch, we will take a hike around the only lake in Slovenia with an Island, which has been a world renowned paradise for century, impressing visitors with its natural beauty, wealth of legend and special power to restore well-being. We will experience this jewel of the Alps from a castle on the cliff and visit the church on the island on a traditional “pletna” boat. To satisfy our sweet tooth we can try Bleds traditional dessert “kremšnita” or other pastries. Romantic night sky over the lake Bled will be our last night together in this picturesque part of the world.

Day 7 - Bled and departure.

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