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Wine & Water Hiking Tour


Discover some of Slovenias stunning hidden trails! Enjoy bathing in thermal waters, freshwater rafting and maybe a little wine tasting from 3 special and very different regions. 

Departure: any day from March to October

Duration: 1 week plus

On this fabulous 7 day hiking trip, you will be able to enjoy bathing in thermal waters, freshwater rafting and maybe a little wine tasting from 3 special and very different regions of 2 countries. Oh, and yes, some hiking! So polish your boots, pack the sunscreen and look forward to hiking some of Slovenias stunning hidden trails.

Day 1 - Arrival, airport to Bad Radkersburg Austria.

We collect you and your luggage from the airport and transport you to one of the beautiful hotels in the Spa town of Bad Radkersburg. Here you can relax and unwind in the healing thermal waters that naturally occur across both Austria and Slovenia. The special properties of these waters are a joy to aching bones and muscles. Later on that day we will meet to discuss your route, and if you’re self guiding, go through the maps and Garmin GPS system. The rest of the evening is then yours to explore this small quaint town, and enjoy some of the local wines and food.

Day 2 - Bad Radkersburg - Kloch

Today’s hiking includes going further into Austria’s hills. But first, after a delicious breakfast, we begin by walking through the beautiful town of Bad Radkersburg, perhaps visiting the museum with its rich history (link) or stopping for a coffee in one of the cafes in this picture postcard pretty place. (I would add more about the actual walk/landscape here but cant as I don’t know it) Lunch we be enjoyed at Gastenhaus bee Maierhofer (link) in the small town of Goritz bei Radkersburg where dishes are prepared from local, seasonal produce. Good for the stomach and soul. From here you hike further north into the diverse (I would say a bit about why they are diverse?) landscapes of Austrian Styria to Kloch, where we will find your hotel for this nights stay. One of the unusual aspects of this region is the vineyards, found in between 2 dormant volcanos, and wine can be sampled here. (hotel link)

Day 3 Kloch, Austria to Grad, Slovenia

Todays hike takes you through to Slovenia, crossing the Kucnica stream. All of a sudden the breathtaking beauty of the Goricko region is spread before you, with its undulating paths winding through pristine villages. Look out for red squirrel and ??? After a traditional lunch, we head towards Grad castle, so important in the region, the whole village was named after it. Grad means Castle in Slovene. Grad castle is the largest castle in Slovenia, and beautifully preserved. And if you feel like a bit more of a challenge, it is possible to continue on to Sotina. Here you can see a stonecutter with the oldest stones in Slovenia (is this a man or a building?) Also a pair of extremely rare birds nest there (which birds??), and they may be seen flying as we hike. (Link for hotel)

Day 4 - Exploring the Goricko National Park

This days hiking remains in the Goricko area, following stunning but peaceful trails. People have lived and farmed in this region since pre-historic times, and it feels as if you are almost stepping back in time as you walk in this lovely untouched region. Goricko also has the largest number of otters in Slovenia! (hotel link)

Day 5 - Merrily Merrily life is but a dream.

Today’s trip takes us to the river Mura, which divides Pomurje region into Prlekija and Prekmurje. The Slovenian part of the river was recognised and designated as a UNESCO world heritage area, and therefore presents an immense influence for locals, who all share love for this river. If you never been rafting before, do not worry! The river flows gently and slowly, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the sound of the water beneath and the bird singing all around you. Keep an eye out for the sudden blue flash of a kingfisher! For those who would like to, there is a chance of swimming in the river. The river Mura takes us to the Island of Love in Ižakovci, where we can enjoy refreshments including local specialties such as “langaš” and “pajani kruj”. (need to describe what these are). Leaving the Island, we return to land again via yet another mode of transport (link to ferry? and a bit of history) Our last visit of the day is to the Bee Museum in Krapje. Bees are highly protected in Slovenia, and of great importance to the farmers. Here you will be able to see how they live and are protected, while enjoying a few nibbles that include the local honey! Your day ends at the thermal Spa pf Banovci resort. Another opportunity to soak weary feet and body.

Day 6 - Lakes and rivers of Prlekija

Our hiking trail for this day is full of divine rivers and lakes, and areas that surround them with all the lush vegetation. We visit the gravel-pit that turned into a lake, where locals spend their summer days off. Crystal clear blue waters, swans gently gliding, so peaceful and at one with nature. From here we pass an amazing forest of Babji Ložič and learn some interesting facts about the ecosystem of this ancient forest, once part of a huge woodland. (how huge?) From here we walk to the town of Ljutomer (stop for lunch here or coffee?) leaving us just one mile left to walk to your hotel for this evening. (Link for hotel)

Day 7 - To Jeruzalem!

And so to the final day of hiking, and what a day! From (hotel) we walk the sometimes steep but breathtaking hills into Jeruzalem. Legend has it, that crusaders on their way to the holy land, stopped on one of these beautiful hills to rest. Here they were met by hospitable locals, who offered them good wine and food, and that is when they decided never to leave this place. They claimed the region as their own and named it Jeruzalem. And to this day it remains one of the most striking places in Slovenia. This day leaves you feeling you could have stepped into a fairytale with hilly vineyard regions, incredible views of tiny villages and churches on the horizon and in the valleys. And at the top an amazing panoramic restaurant to sit back and enjoy the local food and wine before heading off to your final hotel of the trip. Again the views will leave you wanting to come back to Slovenia time and time again to discover more of this tiny, incredibly beautiful, well kept secret of a Country.

Day 8 Transfer to airport.

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